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Fake Chicken burgers spotted at The Gourmet Chicken Company

Hot news about our Fake Chicken Burgers is getting out. This is real news about fake chicken, (not fake news about real chicken, or real news about fake Burgers !).
Our Fake Chicken Burgers are real fakes - Beef - not chicken. A tasty, Full 100%, Beef Steak Hashe burger. All served in a sourdough bun with tomato, cucumber, red onion and mixed rocket leaves.
These are not vegan alternatives with chemical processed plants to mimic meat - this is real Beef Steak, with real taste, in a real Burger.
For the folks at Gourmet Chicken Company - who do Chicken, Chicken, and Chicken - Brazzilian Grilled - at its best - this is fake - hence the name!

Choose your Fake

You have a real choice from a range of fake chicken (Ie Steak) burgers
Straight FakeClasic Steak Hashe
Fake and CheeseSteak Hashe and an added slice of Cheddar
Fake and Tripple onionSteak Hashe, and you guessed it - a tripple onion stack
Fake BCSteak Hashe, width Bacon and Cheese
Fake ABCSteak Hashe, width Avacado, Bacon and Cheese
Fake SAM'SNamed after one of our customers - Sam, as his special request, but now popular for everyone, This Burger contains the whole stack (Triple Onion+ Avocado, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese) - on top of a real Steak Hashe.

NOTE: Our Fake Chicken is not suitable for Vegetarians as it is real Steak minced to a purfect burger